Mike Wipf

Mike Wipf – 2016 10/15 “A Thank You to Mckeesport 10/15 Gospel

2016 Spring Conference

Date April 22th – 24th Speaker Download  Attention: The recordings with the * by the name had recording problems- sorry 4/22 Ministry – Nehemiah 8 “Bring the Book!” Dale Vitale 4/23 AM Ministry – Colossians 1:15 – All things are pertaining to the things of God. Gary Toombs 4/23 AM Ministry – Ephesians 4:7-16 – […]

William “Bill” A. Seale Sr. Funeral Services

A wonderful tribute to a husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, and friend. He will be sorely missed….. The service was recorded for you to see. Funeral Services Please take the time to answer the question from the recorded service for yourself. “Do you know the Saviour that Uncle Bill trusted and rested on for his own […]

2015 Spring Conference

Date April 24th – 26th Speaker Download 4/24 Ministry – James 1:17-22 Being transformed by the true wisdom from above…. Andrew Robertson 4/25 AM Ministry – Genesis 12/13/22 Abraham and his faith (4) Altars that he built David Peterson 4/25 AM Ministry – Genesis 37 Joseph at home Bryan Joyce 4/25 Aft Ministry – Genesis 37 Joseph […]

Gospel Meetings – January 2015

01/18 Sunday Ministry by Dale Vitale The Hope of the Gospel 01/18 Sunday Gospel by David Peterson It Starts Within 01/19 Monday Gospel by Dale Vitale God’s meeting place 01/19 Monday Gospel by David Peterson Danger all around you 01/20 Tuesday Gospel by David Peterson Hiding Places 01/20 Tuesday Gospel by Dale Vitale Things Beyond 01/21 […]

Strategies for Living


Gaius Goff – 2015 01/12 Strategies for Living Introduction 01/13 Strategies for Living Setting Goals 01/14 Strategies for Living Setting Priorities 01/15 Strategies for Living Planning  

Revival by Mike Attwood


Mike Atwood – 2014 11/14 Ministry – Revival Bleak House 11/15 Ministry – Revival Restoration of the House of God 11/15 Ministry – Revival Let us Keep the Feast 11/16 Ministry – Revival Revival Spreads 11/16 Ministry – Revival Testing, Pride and Humility  

2013 Spring Conference in Mckeesport

2013 Spring Conference Date April 19th – April 21st Speaker Download 4/20 Morning Ministry – Wisdom from above to manage delicate dynamics below……. Peter Ramsey 4/20 Afternoon Ministry – Church – Bride of Christ Tom Baker 4/20 Afternoon Ministry – Restoration Peter Ramsey 4/20 Afternoon Ministry – This circumstance for the Glory of God – Part 2 —–> […]

2012 Spring Conference in Mckeesport

2012 Spring Conference Date April 27th – April 29th Speaker Download 4/27 Evening Ministry Andrew Robertson 4/28 Morning Ministry Brian Joyce 4/28 Morning Ministry Gene Higgins 4/28 Afternoon Ministry Brian Joyce 4/28 Afternoon Ministry Gene Higgins 4/28 Afternoon Ministry Andrew Robertson 4/28 Evening Gospel No copy available No Recording Available 4/29 Worship Meeting Paul Barnhardt 4/29 Afternoon Ministry Gene […]