Weekly Reminder


  •    7:00 – Ministry Meeting. Dale will be sharing Part 2 (of 3) about “The Believer’s Desire”.

  •   7:00 – Gym Night at White Oak Athletic Association


  •    9:45 – Remembrance Meeting
  •    12:00 – Sunday School/Bible Class
  •    1:00 – Gospel

Hall Cleaning

  •  John & Kim

Verse for the Week

  • With God are wisdom and might; he has counsel and understanding. (Job 12:13 ESV)

    If you have a verse you’d like to share in the weekly reminder, please send it my way.


  • Kodie is the hospital in Chicago with stomach pain. While we are thankful that it is not seizure related, it doesn’t make it any easier on Mike and Darlene who are worried about her.
  • Pray for all those affected by the hurricanes. Their physical safety is important but more so, that God would speak through the circumstances and hearts would turn to Him.
  • Thank you very much to everyone who helped with the carnival. The kids seem to have a great time.
  • In case you missed the above, just a reminder that we are going back to our regular schedule of meetings. Sunday School and Bible class will go from 12:00 until 1:00 and gospel will go from 1:00 until 1:30.
  • Pray for the Spirit’s guidance with possible meetings this fall.
  • No men’s prayer meeting this week. I would like to do one on Saturday, 9/23. Is anyone interested and available?